Sexy Mutha Hucker

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 The Sexy Mutha Hucker grew up being beaten and abused and has come out the other side a stronger and meaner beast ready to hit back and punish any man who tries to take control of this enigmatic beast………

The Mutha Hucker is our super stiff, traditional camber board that is for monster drops and kickers – put a foot wrong and it will punish you – try to treat it like a lady and it will flip you on the B-side and spank you like a 1920’s headmaster.

Built from locally sourced Poplar hardwood, tri-axial and bi-axial fibre glass as well as carbon stringers throughout – this is not a board for the faint hearted. Learn to throw this lady around and you will have the ride of your life.

Quick Tech Check:
For Super Parks and Monster Kickers
Stiffness rating 9/10
Traditional Camber
Wider range throughout sizes
Tri & Bi Axial Fibre Glass
Sintered 7700 Base
RRP £419
Available in sizes 152W, 155W, 159W



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