Warranty Information and FAQ

Question- Whats the Warranty on your boards

1 year from date of Purchase covering any manufacturing defects.

Question- Who should I contact if I have an issue

Your first point of call should be the retailer that you purchased the board through – they are the ones that will be able to tell you in the first instance if its a warranty issue or you have just been a dick and smashed your ride – they will then arrange with us a replacement or sending the board in for further inspection. If you bought the board online, please use the contact form on this page and one of our team will contact you for further images.

Question- Should I just post my board to you to take a look?

Most issues can be arranged simply via images and photos….. if there is an issue that needs looking into further, we will then ask you to post the board to us – please do not send before confirming addresses with us or the retailer.

Question- I lost my receipt can I still claim on the warranty.... I was certain its only 11 months I had it

No…. but do the best to contact the retailer or give us more information of where and when you think you bought it – the chances are, we know where the boards have been and when – so we will try to make sure its all legit….

Question- Should I try the board in the shop then buy online cheaper

No…. go buy from your local independent retailer – they are probably the ones that told you our boards were awesome in the first place, so don’t waste their time..

Question- Can I come see my board being made

Did you go see your car being made? perhaps you go to the restaurant and ask to hang with the chef as he flips your burgers? no, you don’t….. The tech, r&d, general process of making our boards we like to keep a secret as much as possible to protect our production process….. suck it up, its not going to happen.


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